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Upon discovering he s a wizard, he sets out for the wizarding world - but he s doing things his way.

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Dumbledore has no idea what his decision to leave.

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Harry with the, dursleys has wrought.

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Harry /Multi, darkish, some Dumbledore bashing, rating may go up later.

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Dark Lord won many years ago and turned Britain into a theocracy that prioritizes dark magic over all.

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Harry Potter is the orphaned son of two traitors, raised pre in a Ministry-run program meant to turn undesirables like him into servants.

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Harry is told that half of the cells in Azkaban are full thanks to Moody, because he was a very talented and fearless dark wizard catcher.

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Of course, he was pretty old by the time we met him in the series, and he was caught off-guard more than once; eventually resulting in his death.

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Harry Potter scar is lightning-shaped because,.K.

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Rowling thought it looked cool.

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Yup, its not that deep.

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The iconic scar that partly defines the.

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Harry Potter franchise was shaped like a lightning bolt because it looked cool.

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However, Harry s scar is also a symbol of his link to Voldemort as well as the curse that killed his parents.

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Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) begins his sixth year at Hogwarts, he discovers an old book marked as the property of the Half-Blood Prince and begins to learn more about Lord Voldemort s (Ralph Fiennes ) dark past.

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Director: David Yates Stars: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Michael Gambon.

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Votes: 457,667 Gross: 301.96M.

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May 09, 2020, chapter One: Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Groan Professor Quirrell walks into a bar, unwraps his turban, and presents the.

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Dark, lords face to the barman.

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