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Will Darth Vader Destroy Anakin Padme s Story (or Save It)? Will Darth Vader Destroy Anakin Padme s Story (or Save It)? Will Darth Vader Destroy Anakin Padme s Story (or Save It)? Cat: výhry for Darth Vader #4.

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Darth Vader s darcek tumultuous journey into his past after the events of Star Wars: The Empire Strike Back is nearing its conclusion.

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Since the rejection of his son Luke Skywalker on Cloud City, Lord Vader has been on a hunt for the truth, searching and seeking the knowledge of what happened to his wife Padm Amidala in her final momen.

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Requested by, Zephyr the puppy enjoy it while you can!

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Copyright goes to Disney/Disney Enterprises and Lucusarts.

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Feb 10, 2020, padme was innocent and wanted nothing more than to be with Anakin and help darek him through his shift to the dark side.

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Not only that, but he choked her out of hatred while she was pregnant, causing her to die in childbirth either of a broken heart or from the birth itself (this is an often contested point within the fandom.).

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Anakin s working late into the night when she walks.

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Padme Amidala, crime boss and lady of death.

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She enlists his help in the death of her Uncle Ono, inviting him into her dark world of crime.

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He enters, eyes open, but still not expecting what may come next.

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Two years after the events of rots, in which.

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Padme survived and went into hiding after faking her own death.

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She is at her lowest point when she stages a rescue for the Rebellion, and is caught.

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She is taken to his castle, and surprised to find that she doesn t much mind it there.

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Beauty and the Beast except it s Padme and Vader.

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Padme, pilot Disguise Belt Buckle.26.

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Padme, packing Headdress Teardrops.03.

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Padme, packing Forehead Medallion.16.

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